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Somewhere deep in the Andromeda Galaxy lies the mysterious planet Wasteland. Little is known. Though, rumor says it inhabits lifeforms from all over the Laniakea supercluster. These lifeforms have only one thing in common: on their home planet they are part of the Mutant Society.

Does Wasteland exist? And what are these lifeforms doing there? Are they desperately looking for the Lifewater Oasis? Which dangers are they opposed to? What is the Korath System?

As an exclusive product for members of the Mutant Society on Earth, Radio Matrix recorded the auditory data from its latest visitor, Delta Funktionen. Spread over 4 EPs, it tells the intense story of his journey towards Wasteland.

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Good morning, Commander. Glad you could make it this early. Please take a seat. As you know, your journey towards Wasteland is a mission divided into four stages. To fully understand the gravity of this endeavor you will have to let yourself be assimilated.

Mission RAM-X-03 - Goodbye, Galaxy!
First, as a crucial part of the assimilation process, we will transfer all our latest data to your DTF-chip. This is not a one way process, so breakdown any inhibitions to ensure no data is lost. The carefully obtained information we are about to upload into your consciousness contains the latest models of your landing position on Wasteland. This data also holds access codes which will allow you to pass the magnetic intersection towards Andromeda.

The next step:
We will upgrade your nanobiology. Once the data transfer is completed you will be put into stasis. Be warned for possible aftereffects, however: It wont hurt you to dream, so let yourself be submerged. For a more stable wake up, we advise you to take this tab now.

Additional information:
Wed like to inform you that the weather conditions on Earth have been optimized for a smooth and safe departure. Departure of Delta Craft XX84 is set for 19 hours and 49 minutes from now. Good luck, Commander!

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Commander, welcome back from your deep sleep. We are sure your dreams were lucid and that you are ready for the next instalment.

Mission RAM-X-04 - Chasm of Chills
Delta Craft XX84 is now approaching Wasteland. Within four hours you will reach the entry point (Chasm of Chills). When entering the Chasm, you will discover a massive Black Endlessness. Dont be alarmed, but be assured: The guardians of the chasm will use their auditory powers to interfere with your emotional responses. Unfortunately, none of this will be visible on your radar. You will create your own images, only visible to you. To diminish disturbance and illuminate your surroundings, use the Pusher at the front of Delta Craft XX84.

The next step:
You will need to enter the coordinates for the Cave of Descendants into the PeskyDrone. The coordinates are available in encoded Exonet Maps only. The drone will not only guide you towards the cave, but will also dismantle its main defense shield.

Additional information:
According to the latest results, the drone can even kill a bunny from 620 miles distance!

I expect it wont be long before I can deliver you information for the 3rd stage. Good luck, Commander!